Health & Wellness

Your child’s wellbeing is important to us.

We realize your son or daughter’s health needs can range from simple to complex. So, we offer options.

On-Campus Resources

We realize your son or daughter’s health needs can range from simple to complex. So, we offer options.

On-Campus resources are available for non-emergent care:
  • A Registered Nurse Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • A Physician or Nurse Practitioner by appointment
  • A Case Manager
  • Personal counselors

Emergent and Acute Care

24/7 emergency care is available at Lawrence and Memorial Hospital, about a mile away. The College contracts with a medical cab service to transport students when needed.

Specialty Care

A full complement of specialists are available nearby thanks to our partnership with Lawrence Memorial Medical Group. The Thames Academy Case Manager will guide you, or your son or daughter, in locating off campus services and specialists. We recommend working closely with the Case Manager to address special needs once you decide to attend Thames Academy.

Insurance and Billing

Students must carry health insurance to attend Thames Academy. While most families chose to carry their student on their own policy, the College offers a Student Health Insurance policy for an additional charge.

Medication Management

Thames Academy students should be prepared to administer their own medications on schedule. As part of this expectation, your son or daughter should be able to take, store, renew, and refill prescriptions independently. Stimulants and other controlled substances may be stored at Health and Wellness and dispensed a week at a time.

CVS, Walgreens, and other pharmacies are located nearby. Many students appreciate the convenience of having medications delivered to campus. The Medicine Shoppe (860-442-0669) delivers to Health and Wellness. Also, the newest area pharmacy, Quality Drug Care (860-443-0421), is within walking distance of campus and delivers to students at Thames Academy.

For more information, visit the Mitchell College Health and Wellness web pages:

Health Records and Immunizations

All students are required to submit proof of immunizations and complete a health form prior to beginning their first semester at Thames Academy. Detailed information about these processes is mailed to all incoming students after they have been accepted. Students must comply with Connecticut State Law that requires all matriculating students born after December 31, 1956, to present proof of measles/rubella and the varicella immunization as a condition of enrollment. In September 2002, the State of Connecticut passed legislation that requires all students residing in campus housing to be immunized against Meningococcal disease, with two exceptions 1) a physician certifies that such vaccination is medically contraindicated, or 2) a student presents a statement that vaccination is contrary to religious beliefs of the student. This must be done before arriving on campus for the semester. Students who do not submit a health record and complete state mandated immunization requirements will not be permitted to register. All student health information/records are kept confidential and are only divulged by the Health Center Staff to the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students, the Director of Health and Wellness and emergency medical staff as needed. Specific questions about health records or immunization documentation can be addressed by contacting the Health and Wellness Department at (860) 701-5195.