Assistive Technology

Tools to enhance learning

Assistive technology is a toolbox of specialized tools to help maintain or improve the educational value for a student with learning disabilities.

Assistive technology does not make course content easier. Rather, it allows all students equal access to course information and provides an equal opportunity for success.

While assistive technology is an integral part of the Thames community, it is also a very personalized connection between a student's learning style and the assistive technology that they use. Thames Academy helps students incorporate assistive technology into their lives inside and outside of the classroom.

Faculty and staff work with the Mitchell College Disability Student Services to support students who use assistive technology. Students and their Thames advisors discuss how to use assistive technology as a learning and study strategy and how these tools can help increase their independence.

Various smartphone and tablet apps for education are also introduced in the Thames Academy Technology and Society course.

Students are advised to begin training and working with their assistive technology prior to arriving at Thames Academy. For-credit coursework begins in the fall semester and students may wish to use their assistive technology right away. Students are responsible for installing and maintaining assistive technology on their personal computers.

Get help finding the right assistive technology for your child.

Mitchell College’s Disability Student Services is ready to help you sort through the many options available and determine the right match for your child. Contact Coordinator Crystal Hill at 860-629-6137 or Or learn more by visiting their website.

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Following are some of the assistive technology tools that Thames students may be interested in using:

Kurzweil 3000

Provides a variety of supports for students who struggle with printed text.

WordQ - word predictor

Helps you improve writing, editing and comprehension.

Co:Writer - word predictor

Interprets spelling and grammar mistakes and offers word suggestions in real time.

Inspiration - visual thinking and mapping tool

Organizes thoughts and information visually to help you make sense of complex concepts and projects.

Write: Outloud - screen enhancement

Reads words out loud as they are written, providing real-time auditory feedback.

ZoomText - screen enhancement

Improves the visual clarity of everything on your computer screen.

Natural Reader

Converts any written text into spoken words or audio files.

Jaws 12

Reads aloud what's on a computer screen and helps you navigate the Web.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Lets you control your computer with your voice.

Dragon Dictate (Mac)

Lets you dictate, edit, transcribe and control your computer, all by using your voice.

Math Talk for Dragon Naturally Speaking

Lets you do mathematics through speech recognition, without a keyboard or mouse.

Echo Smartpen

Records everything you write and hear for playback via your computer.

Digital Recorders

(Available from Amazon, Staples, Best Buy, etc.)

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Records lectures, conversations and other sounds for playback.