Resources for Educators

Helping teachers help their students

Resources for Educators

Thames Academy stands ready to assist educators in making appropriate recommendations for their students with diagnosed learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or ADHD.

So how can you decide whether a student of yours could benefit by attending Thames?

Begin by reading the following statements and checking all that apply to the student you have in mind.

My students …
  • struggles academically
  • has a specific, diagnosed learning disability
  • needs to improve core learning skills before attempting college
  • would benefit from structured self-discovery
  • needs to improve social and emotional confidence
  • may “open up” in the company of students with similar high school experiences
  • needs academic guidance and support to prepare for success in college or a career

If any of these statements apply to your student, Thames Academy can enable your student to take on greater personal responsibility in a setting where expectations and support are both elevated.

Call us today at 800-443-2811 to talk about your student.