Connecting with Thames Academy

We realize that one of your most important obligations is to make informed recommendations to the families and students you work with.

This is even more important for students with LD, who must exercise great care when selecting a college. Finding a college with the “best” support program or “most” services still doesn’t guarantee the right fit. Understanding the options help ensure the match is right.

Arranging a Visit

As an educator you may be very experienced advising students with LD, or just learning. Questions about the program, skill level of tutors and specialists, the number of students served, accessibility, and faculty responsiveness are all important. Guide books and web sites are just not enough. Besides, no matter your experience, this information is subject to change. Therefore, the best way to get these answers is a visit.

You are welcome to visit year round. Please call 800-443-2811 or email to schedule your personal tour. A minimum of two days notice is preferred.

Thames Academy and Mitchell College both provide “comprehensive” academic support programs for students with LD. We are happy to structure your visit around your specific professional interests involving either or both programs.

Options include:

  • Meeting with the Directors of Thames Academy and the Bentsen Learning Center (which supports Mitchell College students with LD), or representatives of their staffs
  • Conversations with the Thames Academy Associate Director, and Vice Presidents of Enrollment, Academic Affairs, or Student Affairs
  • Classroom observation at Thames Academy
  • A student-led campus tour
  • Lunch at the Dining Hall

We look forward to meeting with you!

Referring a Student

Most of the students who attend Thames Academy are referred by educators whose hallmark is an extensive knowledge of colleges, schools, and programs that support students with LD. We welcome discussing your student with you to see if Thames Academy is a good match.

To refer a student or discuss the program, please call the Associate Director of Admissions for Thames Academy at 800-443-2811. Calls will be returned promptly.

To submit a referral electronically, please use the inquiry form on this site. Personal inquiries are confidential and secure. The Associate Director will follow up promptly.

Request Information

We are ready to answer any and all of your questions, as well as to provide literature about our programs to you and your schools. Please call 800-443-2811, or email with your request, including the quantity of publications you need. Please visit our Publications & Forms page to see what is available.

If you also want literature about Mitchell College, please browse the College's Publications page prior to your call.

Mitchell College is a proud institutional member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA). We can normally be found at the spring conferences and look forward to meeting you then!