Your son's or daughter’s next steps after Thames

Graduates of Thames Academy emerge with a crucial upgrade in their preparation for future success:

  • Improved academic skills in college writing, math and humanities
  • More effective personalized study strategies
  • Strengthened skills with computers, communication, presentation, leadership and team building
  • Social and emotional growth in a residential collegiate environment
  • Greater maturity, self-confidence and self-discipline
  • Up to 18 transferable college credits

Most students who graduate from Thames Academy go on to a four-year college, although there are other outcomes. The program’s emphasis on self-discovery can be instrumental in helping your son or daughter identify their unique path forward.

The Thames experience has provided the decision point that launched a future many of our graduates hadn’t even envisioned a year before.

  • Most went on to college for bachelors and associate degrees where their success was greatly enhanced by the structured preparation they received at Thames.
  • Some discovered a passion best nurtured through a two-year college degree and were well prepared to move ahead.
  • A few acknowledged that college is not the best next step for them and realigned their sites toward career preparation and landing the right job.

Bottom line?
Thames Academy can prepare your son or daughter to succeed – academically, socially and emotionally – in college or whatever next step they choose.

Colleges attended by Thames Academy Graduates

Mitchell College, CT
Adelphi University, NY
Beacon College, FL
Becker College, MA
Campbell University, NC
Colby-Sawyer College, NH
Curry College, MA
Dean College, MA
Emerson College, MA
Guilford College, NC
Lasell College, MA
Manhattanville College, NY
New England College, NH
St. Francis College, NY
Salem State University, MA
Savanah College of Art and Design, GA
Western Connecticut State University, CT
Western New England College, MA
Wilson College, PA

What graduates and their parents say about their Thames Academy experience ...

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  • The success I’m having now was made possible by my experience at Thames Academy. The academic support was strong. With classes of ten or so students, I got to know the faculty well. There was a lot of one-on-one advising. I never had support like that in high school. We get the chance to make friends with students like us from all over, too. My parents can tell you how much I’ve progressed because I went to Thames. Chris Wagner, Thames Academy graduate, Mitchell College undergraduate majoring in Graphic Design/Communications
  • If you asked me to write the details of a post-graduate program that I could tailor for my son, I wouldn’t stray far from the experience Chris had at Thames. If you told me 20 years ago that my son with Autism would be going to college, I would have thought it beyond the realm of possibility. Thames has been a Godsend for Chris. I’ve been absolutely thrilled with the program. David Wagner, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Thames Academy was the perfect segue, allowing our daughters Molly and Samantha to keep one foot on first while trying to steal second. As much as the end goal is a college degree and moving on to something that fulfills them intellectually and financially, I know that purely from the socialization point of view they are going to learn to live with people, to get along, and solve the issues they face. They gained tremendous momentum in their lives by attending Thames Academy James Zotz, Pembroke, Massachusetts