Co-Curricular Learning

Thames Academy is a more than just classes and learning.

It’s an adventure in engagement. Every student will experience their learning and class content in a variety of different ways.

Co-curricular learning activities and programming allow the students to take academic and book-based concepts to the real world.

For example, a student might read about Mozart in the Humanities course. To better understand and have an immersive experience, the students might attend a concert of the Eastern Connecticut Symphony to hear a Mozart Concerto. The student will connect the knowledge and context of the course with cultural and immersive programming that expands the way students think, learn, experience, and mature as emerging college students.

As a living learning community, we take advantage of a vibrant local community to bring to life core concepts from the academic courses. Thames faculty partners with community leaders and organizations to give experiential learning opportunities to our students. Hands-on learning benefits a variety of learning style and helps students become outstanding community members. Trips and events are directly connected to in-class projects, presentations and assignments. Teachers and community leaders often collaborate to include students and learning goals to benefit the educational depth of the student while showing them elements of our community, history, and diverse culture in the city.

Some of our Community Connections:

Expressiones Cultural Center
The Garde Classical Concert Series
Connecticut Women’s History Hall of Fame
Coast Guard Academy
Hygienic Art Gallery
Lyme Allyn Art Museum
Submarine Force Museum
Mystic Aquarium